Modal Harmony: An In-Depth How-To Guide

How to write and play with modal harmony? That’s a good question! Once we grasp the sounds of the modes, how do we actually use them in our compositions and improvisations?

Over certain chords in a functional, tonal chord progression? Sure, that works. “The Dorian mode goes over the ii chord and the Mixolydian mode goes over the V7 chord.”

But we can tap into a mode’s true sound by playing modally or playing within modal harmony. This article is an in-depth How To Guide to writing and playing with modal harmony!

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Slash Chords And Their Scales

A Slash Chord is a type of chord symbol in music that indicates a chord played with a specific root/bass note on the bottom. In this article, we’ll discuss the practical applications of slash chords in our writing and the scales that go with each of the slash chords!

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