5 Essential Hardware Pieces for the Bedroom Studio

As a follow-up to my blog post titled Making Music With What You’ve GotI figure I should discuss the gear that makes up the foundation of a studio. Everyone’s workflow is a bit different, but these 5 essential hardware pieces for the bedroom studio are what I believe to be the fundamentals of a good home music studio.

Essential may be a strong word. As I’ve mentioned before, we should strive to make the best music we can with the tools at our disposal. At the same time though, there are tools we should strive to add to our disposal ;). Here I will discuss what I believe to be the 5 essential hardware pieces for the bedroom studio.

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Making Music With What You’ve Got

It’s human nature to imagine and wait for a future when everything is how it’s supposed to be. A perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true. A perfect to time for making music. There’s no such thing.

There’s no such thing as a perfect time to start, a perfect path to take, or perfect execution. So while you’re waiting for that utopian studio with all the right equipment, that masterpiece idea for a song, or the ideal band mates/songwriters to come into your life, a future successful musician is moving forward and just going for it. This article is about making music with what you’ve got.

Yes, better equipment, knowledge, network, etc. can likely yield better results. But we should never let that stop us from making the music we want to make!

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The Best DAW for Bedroom Producers

What is the best DAW for creating music? Which DAW will give me the most “professional” sound? And which DAW is the best bang for my buck? (Assuming money will be paid for the computer program).

These are all questions I asked myself when I started making music on my computer. Looking back, I was probably more concerned with the software I was using than with knowledge of music theory or music production. I still think about this topic (albeit with a different viewpoint) and decided I would share my thoughts to hopefully help those starting out on their journey as a music producer.

So, what is the BEST DAW for a bedroom producer?

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The Bedroom Producer: An Emerging Breed of Musician

The bedroom producer: An emerging breed of musician. We utilize the power of computers and the internet to develop our craft, produce our music, and share that music with the world. Wheneverhowever, wherever we want.

Okay, maybe “emerging” is a strong word. DIY artists, at-home recordists, and computer musicians have been around for a while. However, I believe that “bedroom producer” is what a lot of musicians are becoming. Musicians producing their own music will soon be the norm, if not already the norm.

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