Improve Your Craft By Keeping A Music Journal

Keeping a music journal has been one of the best habits I’ve developed to improve my craft as a musician, composer, and producer. In my journal, I include:

  • my ideas, goals, progress, and current focus.
  • information on music theory and music production.
  • notes from lectures and books I’m reading.
  • thoughts on life and music in general.

Writing a music journal is proving to be an invaluable asset in my creative process. Hell, I probably would never have started blogging about music if I had never started journaling on music!

In the following paragraphs, I will share with you the benefits I have personally received from starting a music journal and how journaling has improved my craft.

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Diatonic Thinking when Composing and Producing

When learning music theory, the term diatonic will undoubtedly come up. Let’s discuss what it means and how was can think about it when composing and producing our music!

What does diatonic mean exactly? When I was first told about diatonic playing, I thought it meant picking a scale and playing only the notes from that scale. Which it does, but you can only pick one scale when you’re playing diatonically. The diatonic scale.

The diatonic scale is defined as a heptatonic scale (having 7 notes) with 5 whole tone intervals and 2 halftone intervals, in which the halftone intervals are spaced as far apart as possible (three whole tones and two whole tones separated by half tones) . This doesn’t give us much choice in creating diatonic scales… We are left with only one scale with the following intervals:

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Welcome to Arthur Fox Music

Welcome and thank you for visiting Arthur Fox Music!

My name is Arthur Fox, I am a “bedroom producer,” and this is my blog 🙂 By bedroom producer, I mean I write and compose my music, produce my music, (play the instruments, program the samples, design the synths, mix and master), and promote my music almost exclusively from home.

There are multiple reasons as to why I have started this blog. It helps me get my thoughts down online. The blog may help promote my own music. I’ve always wanted to have my own website.

But the main reason is to share my knowledge, insights, and creativity with the world.

Arts programs in schools are, for the most part, underfunded. College and University are huge money and time commitments with small odds of leading to a “real job.” And the music industry is changing rapidly.

I believe that anything that’s taught in school can be learned online. I’ll admit that I’ve graduated from an Audio Engineering program at the Nova Scotia Community College (which I’m still paying for…), but most of what I’ve learned has been from online research. And then, there’s quite a bit I’ve learned from working jobs in the music/film industry.

Here I’ll add that my “day jobs” involve live broadcast audio and camera work; composition/scoring for radio, film, and television; recording music and voice overs for radio, television, film, animation, audiobooks, etc. among many smaller tasks having to do with audio/visual.

I’m no expert on the subjects I like to talk about on this blog. Far from it. But that’s the beauty of creative arts. There are rules, but they can be broken in the name of “artistic vision.” That’s also the beauty of the internet. Someone without a Masters in Music, or 30 of Audio Engineering experience has the opportunity to share their thoughts and work with those who are willing to listen.

Some of you won’t go to school for music (I wouldn’t honestly recommend it), and some of you won’t get a job in the music industry. But for those of you who are interested in learning how to be the best musicians you can be, I salute you, and hope to help you in your mission.

That’s the main reason I’m here. And I’m glad you’re here too!

In this Blog,

We’ll be discussing music production, theory, and promotion. We’ll talk about productivity/motivation in the home studio. And, of course, we’ll add in some of my work as a composer and artist as well!

I appreciate you joining me on this journey of becoming the best musician I possibly can. I hope this blog provides value to you 🙂